Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"You make me happy" Card

Hey friends! It's been a busy week, but on the weekend while Dan was at work, I actually found a bit of creative time YAY! I worked on three different projects for upcoming assignments.  ( I'll be sharing those  soon), but for now I thought I'd share a fun little card I made with the new "Life is Beautiful" Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.
There are so many CUTE coordinating things in this collection! You can check it out here "Life is Beautiful".
And you can see tons of inspiration HERE.

My Aunt Viv ( my moms sister) from SD was here visiting from SD last week for a couple of days.  It was SO great to have her here with us. We just chatted and chatted :)    I'm am telling you, at 93 this lady doesn't miss a thing! She is amazing!
I have to say, as I watched her talk and gesture with  her hands, there were SO many similarities with mom. I've been thinking about her so much lately and  having Aunt Viv here really intensified that.  It's always fun to hear stories about when they were kids.     I actually took video of Aunt Viv telling stories about Grandma and Grandpa. I always regret not doing that with mom. 
We sat out on the deck in the morning and had our breakfast... it was just awesome!

Wes had to work so he and Amy couldn't make it out, but Jarad and Kate come out to visit and had dinner with us.  We don't get to see as much of them... so the day just got sweeter! 

The evenings have been gorgeous! I don't know how we have been so lucky.  Usually it hot and muggy at night by this time and the mosquito ... ugh!   I hope our good luck with that holds out thru the weekend.  We are  breaking in the deck with our first big movie night at Saturday.  Fingers crossed for good  weather.

Which reminds me .... time to get off the computer and get some house cleaning done.  ugh! 
I hope things have been well for all of you.  Hoping your Summer has been extra fun!

I'll be back with lots of  photos from our movie night in my next post.  I'm so excited... I cant wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Fathers Day Cards using Fancy Pants Designs

Hard to believe here is it over half way thru June already!  Fathers Day is this weekend!  I thought I'd share some Fathers Day Cards I created using the Fancy Pants Designs "Good Fellows Collection".

I was thrill to have another "guyish" Collection to work with. Seems like there are lots of pretty feminine  papers to choose from when I go to make something  but sometimes the guy stuff gets pushed aside. Having two boys I always loved it when I new masculine collection was released.
This is a great one! Look at these fun washi tapes.

And Wood Veneer pieces.  CUTE!

I was so excited to send this card to Tennesses Daddy, Alan, for his very first Fathers Day.

I cant talk about Fathers Day without mentioning my Dad of course.  I miss him SO much!  It's been 30 year now since he passed. That seems unbelievable to me.  I was 24 years old. Weston was 4 and Jarad 1.  My parents where older when I came along so Dad was 73... but still taken way to soon.   What I wouldn't do to  have had him with us longer, to learn more from him.  Mom was 10 years younger than Dad. She never remarried after he passed. They were forever. The day mom passed all I could think was .... now they are dancing in heaven together again at last.  My parents loved to dance and where good at it.  They actually met at a dance... back in 1938.  I wonder then if they ever thought of the future ahead of them..... Marriage, 7 kids, lots and lots grandchildren and great grandchildren. All because two people fell in love.   I know the theme is Fathers Day, but it's pretty hard to talk about Dad without mom.... they were a team!
How lucky I was to have them.
Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Dad. I love you!

Wow... 30 years and it still makes me cry to think about them.  Time to talk about the fun week I had.  Moving on...

This week Wyatt and Emmett's mommy is out of state visiting her Grandmother, so their Daddy and I are covering things.  I have them during the day and he takes over at night.  He goes to work early and works a long day of construction.  Its been SO hot!! He's been going in early to avoid the heat..but still works a really long day.   Some of you may know ... I'm a bit of a night owl. ( major understatement).... so getting up at 5am has been a change for me. lol   I go to their house until the kids are up.  Then off to Bible School, swimming lessons ect.. and then over here to my house.   It's a full day... so lets just say this girl is ready for bed a lot earlier than usual. lol      I'm not used to all that anymore.

One afternoon this week Lyla was here also, while her daddy had a few things to take care of . I'm not a Grandma yet, but I get to be Grandma Vicki to Lyla also.
These two crack me up.

Wyatt is 9 now and  so grown up.  He's taking a break watching some TV before he leave for Baseball.

I have to say, I just don't think there is much that's cuter than a bunch of little ones, singing their bible school songs. This was at their program this morning.


and then off to swimming lessons.   Emmett is such a character. He cracks me up numerous times a day. Yesterday is poked me on the arm and call me a  "little rascal" lol.

Like I said.. I don't have grandchildren yet..but I can  imagine how amazing it is.. because these kids just make the world seem brighter!

It's been a fun filled week.   But it's 8:20pm and I'm ready for my jammies. lol

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

A little 4th of July fun.

 Oh... I'm SO glad Winter is over and Summer has arrived!  It's a HOT one out today but I'm not going to complain. It's way better than cold, cloudy and grey!
I love potting plants and decorating the porch. We are having a get together here the weekend of the Fourth of July to break in the new deck. I cant wait. We're planning an outdoor movie night. I've been having fun lining things up for concession stand food and other Drive in movie themed goodies.  Oh planning theme parties is so fun! There are so many cute things these days.  Of course I'll take photos and share here (wink)
But for now I thought I'd share a banner I made this week and a few photos of the front porch ( which I decorated with that same theme).

Simple but fun, done the less :)

We spend most of our time out back on the deck, but I love decorating the front porch also.

This felt flower banner I made using my AccuCut F1029 Flowers 3D die.   I hot glued the flowers to wire. It hold them in place better than string or ribbon.

My sis got me this vintage mail box full of plants a couple of years ago. I love it and fill it with plants every Summer.

I had that red chair for sale at the Flea Market last weekend and it didn't sell. Now I'm glad because I like it out by the old door and little wagon in the side yard.  The Catalpa trees have been blooming and were so beautiful. They are finishing up now.

It's days like this when I look at Dan and say..."Moving out of town and to the country was a good decision" We love it here.

This week the girls  were here to craft.  I don't know why I didn't take more photos. Grrrrr.   I guess I was just so excited to see them and be able to catch up I didn't think about it. As a matter of fact, Jan , Deb and I didn't even make a canvas... we were just content to chat. Julie wasnt able to be with us last time we did these canvases so need really wanted to get this one done for  her new bathroom. Karen was working on this one for her other grandchild's room.

I made this Easy Key Lime Pie again, after making it a while back and really liking it.  It's so easy to make and SO yummy!  ( if you like tart.. because it's Tart!) I like it that way.

Here is the recipe

Hoping you are all enjoying your Summer!
I'll be back soon with more to share.
Still keeping my typing to a minimum because of this stupid brace on my finger.  Makes typing a chore.

Thanks always for coming over and letting me share!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Gift Set

Hey friends! I'm sure you are all busy with Outdoor things, weddings, graduations.. ect, just like we've been. Feels like it's been crazy town around here lately. All good things tho, so I'm not  complaining.   I thought I'd share a gift wrap set I recently did using the new "Life is Beautiful" collection from Fancy Pants.

 I love up-cycling things so.....

This gift containers was made from a oatmeal canister. I didn't use the lid...but I saved it to put it on the bottom of the container when I give it... that way they can always use the container for something else.

This cute die cut container was made with an AccuCut die. ( As was the large flower on the canister).

Thought I'd toss in a card for good measure :)  I love this collection, an the touch of gold is so perfect.

Sorry if I seem to be writing less than normal, but I did something to my little finger and it's SO annoying to type with this on.  I don't remember hurting it, but for some reason it will not straighten at the top knuckle. The doc put this on a couple of weeks ago. ( has to stay on for 6 weeks).  I see a hand specialist next week.

I promised to share a few more photos taken at Matt and Amy's wedding. I have AMAZING nieces and nephews!! ( I'm not prejudiced or anything).  Here are some photos with just a few of them.
I love this photo of Wes and Amy when they were dancing at the reception.

Jarad and Kate are celebrating their anniversary, tanking down the Niobrara River and staying in a Cabin in Long Pine with their friends. It's their very favorite place. They go every year. 

Time goes by so fast. It's hard to believe its been 3 years since this.

While they are away, their dog Riley is staying with us. Their other dog Cloey is with Kate's sisters family.  They have a little girl and she really wanted the dogs to stay there. Kate thought one might be enough lol so Riley came to Grandma and Grandpas :)
I looked out the door to the deck yesterday and cracked up with I saw them all sunning themselves in a row.
Silly dogs!

Like I said, it's been busy around here.  Over the weekend, (Saturday) I sold stuff at my friend Lynda's fleamart. That night we had another wedding. I've been trying to get my plants potted ( with this stupid finger in the way). I had dental work done, a minor medical procedure, had a friend back from out of state for a visit, .... ect ect...
Next week I'll be watching Wyatt and Emmett all week, so I better rest up :)

I have to share this, because it was SO good. While my friend was back,we ate at "Blue Shushi" in Omaha. I had heard of it,but not being a "Shushi" Person, I was never that interested in going.  Well, we went and I had this.  No raw fish.....Sweet potato, grilled asparagus , hummus, sun dried tomato , soy paper and brown rice.  It was amazing!  They have lots of other yummy looking things on the menu. ( other than raw). So I cant wait to go again.   If you have one near you, I highly recommend it.

I always appreciate you stopping by! I apologize for not posting as often and sharing as many projects as I used to.  I'm still here..... just living life full speed ahead. lol
Thursday the girls will be here for a crafting day, so I'll be back to share photos of that. I cant wait to see them all, it's been a while.

Sending positive vibes your way

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sisters Album

Hello Everyone!
Finally here sharing a post. I hadn't really been creating much so I didn't have "crafty/creative" stuff to share.  I had taken the month off from my DT work to spend time with my sis when she was here visiting from Florida. I'm so glad I did.  It was great to just hang out, visit family and spend time together. Our trip to SD to see our family there was so fun.  We sure wish our sis Donna could have been here to go with us also , but Jan, Sharon and I went, and it was a great sister time. 
Jan had picked up some fun little  6x6 albums before we left, with the idea of us filling them with photos from our trip.  Super idea!    Sharon is not a scrapbooker, so the plan was to get together after she had gone home and work on these albums....  Do one for her, and send it her way.   We did just that!
Jan drove up here one day and we just filled the table with bits of this and that and went to town.

This is that the cute little albums looked like.  If I remember correctly, I think they were paper studio.

My sis is my best friend, so spending the day just sitting at the table chatting and scrapping these fun photos and reminiscing about our fun trip, was just THE BEST!

When your working with this size of a page, of course your photo is almost all the space, so you don't need much else. This is a great time to use up paper remnants and bits of left over stickers and ephemera.  

Jan took Sharon's finished album to get it mailed off to her. I forgot, didn't get photos of that, and I'm so bummed. . ( Jan and I did that one together).
The album I'm sharing below is the one I did for me since then.

I just dug thru things and grabbed anything that caught my eye.( as you can see by the looks of the table) lol

Some of the photos are so ridiculous... especially of ME. ugh.  I didn't even want to use them, but them I thought about the memories and how much fun we had taking those photos.  What the heck right? lol

This trip was filled with great memories. We reminisced about memories from our childhood here AND made new memories as well.

Jan and Sharon were born in SD, as were most of my other 6 siblings. I and my next oldest brother Dan where born here in NE after the mover here.

The pages in the album are simple and there and a number of them , so I set some up in groups of  4, to share here with you easier.

Its not filled with fancy elaborate pages and I'm totally OKAY with that. The photos are there, it's documented and I have it to look back on any time I want to remember this great time spents with my sisters.


So what else exciting happened since I blogged last??  I finally got to hold this precious baby in my arms!! I have been waiting six months.  This is baby Tennessee, and he has stolen his Aunt Vicki's heart!!!
This is my sis Jan's Grandson. ( Neely's babe).  They were here on their first trip back from LA.  Jan and Keith were their for his birth and have been out there since , but this is their first trip back to NE.
My sis's kids have always been like my own.  To see Neely as a momma was just amazing.  Her and Alan are just the best parents.

This was a little something his Aunt Vicki found on line in an Etsy shop for him. lol
His name is Tennessee, but they call him Tenn for short.

We all spent time together over the weekend celebrating my niece Amy's and her husband Matt's wedding reception.  They were married in Jamaica they weekend before.
It was such a nice time and so great to be with family for a special occasion.  

Good times for sure!  That was Neely ( Tennessee's mommy ) and I taking a selfie, but Wes photobombed us. lol

Tennessee got to meet a whole be bunch of this crazy family who love him so much! 

I have so many photos I'd love to share, but I don't want to drown you in them , so I'll save some for my next post.   Jarad and Dan ( who work at the same place) had to work so they couldn't make it , to come with us :(    Sometimes these 12 hour days 4 days a weeks are great, but working every other weekend is not.   We missed having Kate, Jarad and Dan with us, but Weston and Amy road with me there, so it was great.
I think this is a nice photo of them out in the front yard before we left.
Nothing a mom loves more than seeing her kids happy.

As always thanks for letting me share bits of my life with you. 
I always love hearing from you, whats new with you, whats going on in your world.  If your not comfortable commenting.. and your a reader, ... email me :)

I hope you have a GREAT DAY!