Monday, April 16, 2018

Sharing a Nautical themed card and Florida memories

Hey everyone!
Hope you have all been doing well. We had an amazing time with family in Florida! A-maz-ing!!
I was wanting to post some photos to share in this blog post so I started going through photos on my camera and my phone.  Ugh.... it made me miss everyone and want to get on a plane and head back!

I will probably drown you in photos below... so if you are here for the creative stuff, I'll share that first. After that ... beware! lol
The first thing I created after getting home was this Thank you card.  Fancy Pants Designs has some great nautical themed lines.  Which is what I used for this card.  It seemed only fitting since I was sending it to my Florida family to thank them for such a wonderful time.

It was so hard to narrow down photos I wanted to share :(
Brace yourself for photos of my with windblown hair and no make up ( well, it was vacation right?) lol.  I'm never fond of posting photos of myself, but it' just me.. who I am. And in these photos there was no forced smile. I smiled the entire time I was there!
In the photo below.... my heart was full!
These time with them were precious.

Below is my sis Sharon and her great grandson Carter.
We spent a lot of time out on the dock. Chatting, fishing... just enjoying.  Below is my niece Dawn with the Grandbaby. ( We even got to be there for Anastasia's first Birthday).

So many great times!

Oh yes, lots of time in the pool too.

And time in the boat.

I was so glad Wes was able to come with me. I was nervous traveling with my foot problem.  He was a great help to me.. and he loved getting to be with the family as much as I did.
Weston and his Aunt Sharon.

We went to the beach on this beautiful day.  I really wanted to go but was nervous about how painful walking on the sand might be. ( uneven surfaces are hardest).  It was much better than I thought it would be, so I was really thankful for that. I even got my feet in.  Woo Hoo!
 Wes was in the water for hours. He was loving every minute!

Proof my poor swollen foot made it

When the Florida family comes to NE, there are so many of us that want to visit with them, so there is not a lot of one on one time.  Here, we got to spend time time together. I got to play with the kids, paint Arias toe nails, give the baby a bottle and rock her, lay on my sis's bed and chat with her before bed.....   all the good stuff!

Oh yes... and we had dogs!! Who could ask for more!  Meet Becca's dog Harley and my sis's dog Roxy.  They are going for a ride in Harley's doggy stroller :)
They had this new home built since I was there a few years ago.  It's SO beautiful!  After my brother in law passed, my sis sold her home and now has her own suite here with Dawn and Gary ( my niece and her husband). It's so great that she is right there with them. She gets to spend time with the kids and grand-kids often. It's the perfect situation.

Everything about our time there was fantastic. I we laughed a lot! The memories we made that week will be ones we will cherish forever
  Family, great food, perfect weather and dogs to play with.. who could ask for more. 

It's always hard to say goodbye. But.... before you know it, it's time to head home.

And guess what we came home too?

You guessed it ......

Thankful for the time we had with Sharon, Dawn, Gary, Becca, Harley, Christine, Riley, Carter, Aria, Anastasia, Kathy and David and Roxy!!!

                                                                                                      Ode to ol Triple Fin

Thanks for letting me share and for stopping by. If you made it this far... thanks for getting thru my   photo overload! lol


Sunday, April 01, 2018

Birthday cards.. and some Easter fun

Hey friends!  Happy Easter!  We had a wonderful day with family today, and now we are home relaxing.  I was thinking it's probably a good time to finish up this blog post I started days ago.  Crazy how easily I can get side tracked. lol
I actually  had some Easter projects to share, but today when I charged my camera battery before heading to Easter, I also cleared it, thinking I had only "OLD" photos on it that I had already imported to my computer.  Wrong :(   On it were my Easter projects.  They were little Easter decor pieces  I had make for the girls group and Easter tags for our adult kids Easter baskets.  Well, at this point all the projects have been delivered and are no longer with me.... so , I guess that's not what I'm sharing in this post. lol    Instead I'm sharing some Birthday Cards.  March is a big Birthday month for our family.

I love this Jillibean Soup Collection.  It's so fun.

This week we had Wes and Amy here for dinner for Amy Birthday. It's fun to have girls around.. they are much more fun when it comes to things like birthday parties. lol   The boys never liked me to make a big deal out of it ... but Amy is giddy about it. I love that.

I always have to share a few photos from Easter.  It was a great day with the family and so fun to watch the kids hunt for eggs.

Check out these handsome guys :)

We were lucky enough to have my niece from CA and her little boy here for Easter.  This is sis Jan's little Grandson.

It was a chilly day, but they kids were able to still be outside enough for an egg hunt and some bubbles.
If this photo doesn't scream excitement.. I don't that what does. lol

I once again got caught up in things and didn't take all the photos I should have, but I guess there is something to be said for enjoying the moment also. I am trying to find a happy medium were I get some photos but also don't get so caught up in getting the photos that I'm "missing the moments".   Not sure that makes sense, but I've noticed that there are times I just need to lived in the moment and enjoy.

It seems like it wasn't that long ago that it was our kids doing this. Time goes by so fast.
I get such a kick out of watching the kids.  They all have their own unique personalities.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter also!

I'm not sure if  I'll be blogging again this week or not. Friday I'm heading to Florida to see my sis and the rest of my Florida family,  for a few days. I'm really looking forward to it. Dan will be holding down the fort here with the dogs ( with some doggie help on the days he works,. thanks to Gabby and Andrew).
I am counting down the days.... until .. family and sunshine!

Thanks for stopping by as always!


Friday, March 23, 2018

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Sympathy card and some sharing.

Hey friends! As always, thanks for stopping by!  
Is is just me, or are sympathy cards hard to make?  Maybe it's because they you hurt for the loss the family must be feeling or maybe because you don't use bright happy colors?  Not sure, but usually if I would ever "buy", not make a card... sympathy cards would be it.
I think there is a way to still make them beautiful, and when they are handmade, that always makes it special and defiantly more personal.
This is the card I made for Wes's Chief at the police station, who recently lost his dad.
It's been a while since I pulled out my Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage stamps and images.
I miss CS and  really miss talking with Sandy numerous times a week. I wish Canada wasn't so far way, so I could see more of her.
Any way... still love CS images and stamps. This image has always been a favorite.

I am SO ready for Spring, so that image does really make me happy.   The image below.. .makes me REALLY happy!   Just after Easter, I'm going to be going to Florida to visit my sis and family.  I cant wait.  Wes is going also.  I'll be happy to have him along to help me with the airport, luggage ect.. because at times my foot is still a problem when it comes to walking very far ect.
See that spot I'm pointing to?  That's mine. lol    I cant wait to see sunshine, but mostly to be with people I love and miss.

I'm also excited to see the family at Easter. We will be doing our usual get together with my family.
I thought I'd share some of my bunnies today. I don't have loads of Easter stuff out this year...  but Bunnies... well they are out for all of Spring in my book.

The joke with these bunnies is .. I must of really liked them because I forgot I bought them at Hobby Lobby year before last, so last year I bought them again. lol  When I got all my Easter stuff out I found the first set.  Oh brother.

I love these three little bunnies my sis Jan gave me a few years ago. I have three little sheep this size also.
This shelf in our mud room has seemed so empty ever since I took the Christmas stuff down the first week in January. I couldn't stand it any more.  I have to smile every time I see pussy willows. They remind me of my friend Sally who passed a few years ago. Her parents always had them out at their place, so her dad would always cute some and  bring them to us when we were young mommas.  I always loved that.

Of course the dogs wanted to pop in and say hello.

Lily in her new dress and Lazy Daisy.

I have been running across some of the best quotes lately, and occasionally I share them here.  But I'm going to be doing that more often. Some quotes I've heard a million times and just seem so mundane, but sometimes they are just what you are needing to hear.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic weekend friends.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

A new embroidery hoop wreath, Spring fever and St Patty's Day fun.

Hello friends!
I have to tell you, I feels really crazy not to have DT requirements to be working on, but.... I'm enjoying the freedom.  For the first time in 15 years I'm not doing any design team work.  It was a hard decision to make but every day I know more and more, that is was the right one.
I have time for so many other things I love to do. 
I feel like I missed out on last summer, because I had my car accident May 2, I spent the Summer either in a wheelchair or using the walker.  I am SO Really for warmer weather this year!
I gave the bedroom a little brightening up over the last two weeks. (mini inexpensive makeover lol).

I should have taken a before photo.  Everything was brown. lol Brown comforter, brown lamps, and curtains.  It was cozy for winter, but it's  time for something lighter.  I had picked up that comforter at Walmart.  The photo  was 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby and I found the lamps for $24 at Gordmans. Woo Hoo! I pulled the floor lamp from my studio.   It's kind of  fun to see how much you can change things up without having to spend a lot. Hey, I'm not proud, I love getting a good deal.  And if I don't spend a lot, it makes me feel like I can change things out more often, without feeling to guilty.
  I needed one little thing for that corner wall, so I just dug into some craft stuff I have. I wanted it to be simple. I used a large embroidery hood, some wide lace (over lapping in the middle to show off the decorative edge of the lace), added some flowers, leaves and a few little gems on the lace.    It only took a few minutes and it's just want that corner was needing.


What else had been keeping me busy?  I have been working like crazy on these layouts for hire I'm doing for someones 9 grandkids.  They are simple layouts, so I can get through a number of them a day. Since I started, I've done hundreds.  These kids are all in high school and /or college now.  I have never seen them in person, but I have to say, I feel like I've watched them grown up.

When I take a break from working on those, at night I have been stitching these as they sell. I have a hard time just sitting and watching tv without something in my hands to work on. I enjoy stitching so much.

Last night we went to the fish fry in Jarad and Kates little town and then over to their house for a bit.
My sis and Keith joined us and Kate parents also.
( I just noticed in the background they put up a rotary phone).  I love that they love old things :)
For those of you who missed the post .. they bought an old country school house that had be made into a  home.  It had so much history and character.

Jarad is never thrilled when I start with taking photos. lol

Everyone has to get in on the St Patty's day action. lol

Jep stayed with us this weekend, as Amy is in Cabo with girlfriends and Wes had to work. He's such a good dog, and Lily and Daisy love having him here.

** Why is it I feel like I should have a disclaimer on my blog header, saying "If your not a dog person, you may want to click off this blog". lol  I know... we are dog crazy!

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
If you're having Corned beef and Cabbage  and green beer... enjoy!
If your staying in out of the rain in your jammies like me... enjoy! 

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Fun new Tammy Tutterow dies and stamps to play with and it's stitching time

Hey friends!
I got a fun box of happy mail the other day, and I thought I'd share a peek with you. It's some new products from Tammy Tutterow. Stamps and dies.   You know I love her stuff anyway, but this new stuff is just over the top cute!  
When I opened the box I had to try cutting some felt with some of the adorable little flowers that come is some of the sets.  I was feeling the need to do a little quick stitching, so I glanced around looking for some thing to stitch "upon". lol  I found this canvas glasses case from Canvas Corp in my stash, and decided to make myself a new case for my readers. 
I couldn't dig into a huge project right at that time, so this was just perfect.  Super quick, easy and fun!   A great little project to help my get my stitching fix!

Here is a peek at some of the new stamps and dies.

Super cute, huh?   I LOVE them all!

You'll be seeing me use these babies a lot!

You can find them here at 

You can also find Tammy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and here on her website 
or subscribe to her  blog for more inspiration.

She is one talented gal! 

Stitching that was just a short break from working on the scrapbook pages I am doing for hire.  I've finished another 50.
It kind of feels good to be using up a lot of old papers. I think we are all a bit guilty of wanting the newest, latest and greatest, but I was digging back in my bins of papers for working on these pages and there are plenty of great papers!
I have my newer papers in my racks.

 And my Fancy Pants Designs collections in 12x12 bins above.

But ... I  opened the craft storage closet in the hall and realized I had BINS of older papers ( cardstock scraps and stickers) that would still be great for these albums.   So... I opened up a big table in my craft room and set them all out so I could have a look see.  It's my mission to use up some of these papers for these pages. It's a shame they are all just sitting in the closet.  So, it's my new challenge to myself.
While I'm working on these layouts, I'm going to leave these papers our on this table for easy access.  I'll just have to close the door to my craft room so it doesn't drive my crazy.  I usually put  everything away after I work on a project but in this case it's ongoing... so it's silly to keep taking it out and putting it away.   

The grandmother who hired me to do these albums for her 9 grand kids is always just so tickled with them, that it makes me happy.
It's worked out well for me to be doing this right now.  I can make some money without having to be on my feet.

It's been hard not to get discouraged with this foot pain.  It will be coming up on a year May 2nd , since my car accident.  I had a compound fracture of my Talus Bone. Two surgeries, no weight baring for 12 weeks, then partial weight baring for 3 more.. then therapy. I thought that would be it.   But the pain never went away.   After seeing my appointment with my Orthopedic surgeon , we found that there was a non-union of the joints.  Meaning the joint did not heal and broke down instead.  Once the happened arthritis takes over the joint.

What are the options?  Fusion surgery. Where they would fuse the two bones together, since it's not a   joint that can be replaced.    I told the doctor that I wanted to give it a full year before deciding. I think in my mind, I just thought... "oh, it will get better", or the pain will probably be tolerable and I can deal with it.  At this point, I'm feeling like neither of those is working out  :(

Am I ready to start over with another surgery and  be laid up for another 3-4 months. No.  So ... I'm just trying to figure out what helps the most for now.
Just take each day as it comes, and try not to constantly complain.
Today the swelling it less... so that is a good thing.  I'll take that for now.

On an up note.... I am going to Florida the first week in April to spend time with my Sis and family there, so I'm super excited about that! YAY!

I hope all of you are doing well!  If you live where it's cold, I'm sure your probably looking forward to Spring as much as I am!  Bring it!

Thank for stopping by!  Hugs all around!